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Chip Bookkeeping Services Inc. offers a wide variety of accounting and tax related services. See below for specifics and feel free to drop by or give us a call if you require more information.

Simple. Efficient. Organized.

Chip Bookkeeping Services Inc. provides tax services for individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships and small-medium size corporations. Together, our staff has combined experience of 50 years of filing returns and would love for you to benefit from that knowledge base. Farms, start-up businesses, day-homes, basic tax to complex tax situations - we have seen many an industry and situation. We will not only provide you with a completed return, but sit down with you to discuss your return and help you to better understand our country's tax system, what credits you may take advantage of and what may be hindering you from receiving more money back.

Services/Advantages offered:

T3010 charity returns
T1 personal tax returns
T1 coupled returns
T2 corporate returns (discounts offered for regular book-keeping clients)
Use of CRA approved software
Approvied E-filer; allowing returns to be instantly electronically transmitted & refunds to be received sooner
Rep a Client service - allowing documents requested by CRA to be transmitted instantly and electronically
No cost for a sit-down meeting (if desired) to go over your return and answer any tax related questions
We keep track of your prior year credits; any carry forwards or prior slips will be requested if missing
Assistance provided during CRA audits/reviews if needed

At Chip Book-keeping Services Inc, we offer the whole nine yards in regards to organization and management of your paper-load. I've often heard clients say, "I know it needs to be done...I just DREAD dealing with the paper-work". That's what we are here for. Whether you like to throw it in a shoe-box each week or organize it neatly to reduce your costs, we take care of everything "paper" related, computing what is necessary and neatly filing what is not.

Services/Advantages offered:

-Accounts payable
-Accounts receivable
-Deposit entry
-Sales summaries (& tracking by product sale, if desired)
-Bank and credit card reconciliations
-Inventory costing and management
-PST & GST remittances
-Various government remittances..including T5018's for contractors, ISC returns, WCB EPS, etc
-Filing and organization
-Various reports, suited to the clients' needs (ie. Profit per job, YTD wages, etc)
-Conversion to QuickBooks software from prior software
-USB file of QuickBooks company file, if desired at year end
-Unlimited correspondence - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST (All we ask is that you don't monopolize 8 hours a day - :) )

Payroll can be a stressful time for most business owners. There are multiple calculations, remittances to submit to government, etc, etc. We offer peace of mind in completing your payroll for you so that all you have to do is hand over the hours. We ask the necessary questions and provide you with the necessary missing forms. We also offer a range of options for deliverance of paystubs and actual payment of employee paycheques.


-Monthly, Biweekly, Semi-Monthly payroll
-Telpay Partner for direct deposit
-QuickBooks software allows us to complete accurate, computerized calculations, allowing efficient and less costly payroll
-Bonus or Dividend payments; taxes calculated on either as per your request
-Information on how bonus payments/shareholder loans/dividends will affect the owner's tax return
-T4's and T4 summaries, completed annually and submitted electronically to CRA
-ROE web service; ability to submit ROEs online using ROE Web
-Ability to email paystubs directly to employees w/ encrypted passwords unique to each individual
-Source Deduction filings; ability to file directly online to CRA on your behalf through Rep a Client

Whether it's for a sole proprietor who just wants to keep updated on their month to month operations, or for a full-scale corporate operation who needs to meet regular government remittance deadlines, we are here to help you meet those requirements. We provide quality, accurate financial statements, complete with notes at year end for you to keep on top of how your business is running. Whether you would like to track your profit by job or just require a simplified, less costly version, we can tailor and format your financial statements to your specifications and what makes sense to you.


-Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly financial statements, as required
-Year End statements complete with notes
-Detailed categorization if required or desired
-Compilation of book-keeping data into organized, neat, year end binder for deliverance to CPA, if third party accountant used
-T2 Corporate Returns; completed and electronically transmitted to CRA through E-file

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